Asparagus Season, Oh My Favorite!

Asparagus Habitat

If you look closely at the top photo, in the upper left hand side you can see the asparagus growing out of the ground. This is in “lake country” Minnesota. I grew up here just like this asparagus 😉 It lives really close to the lake and has some big spears because the plant base is fairly old. I think it’s going to get moved to higher ground this year because the thick grass that likes to grow in the soggy soil is really hard to keep out of the asparagus patch.

I love roasted asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper. It works perfectly in a stir fry and I’m really wanting to try and make pickled asparagus this year if I can harvest enough out of this patch.

Asparagus Spring 2014 Asparagus Harvest Spring 2014

This was my first cutting of 2014. I’m savoring it.

Asparagus Harvest Spring 2014

Appreciating The Little Things

I was walkin’ along at a good pace out on some Missouri conservation department trails and, out of the corner of my eye, who did I see? This guy! A snail! Perhaps a brown garden snail? I have seen more slugs on land than snails in my time so I considered spotting this guy a real treat. We are both lucky that he did not meet the bottom of my shoe.

Later on, down the path, I discovered a turtle. A thought entered my mind… to go get the snail and put it on top of the turtle for a photo (“Weee!”)… but I figured that the snail had somewhere to be and the turtle looked like he was hungry…. so I let them be.

I love getting out for spring time nature walks and appreciating the little things.

Sleeping In Tents: 2012

I love sleeping in tents. I’m in one right now! I have power, wireless internet, and sparkling snowflake lights for ambiance. Hehehe… and I will be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the frogs croaking.
Do you like sleeping in tents?