Keep the internet the open canvas it is………..

I will not stop contributing my creative energy into the internet in whatever ways myself and my close general population sees fit… I will not just sit back and be a consumer to make corporations money.

This is just one part of a really long battle. Keep fighting. Keep expressing yourself. Please.

Awesome Recent Etsy Favorites #2

Tea Art Print
The painted over collage style is great, isn’t it? Also the colors look so vibrant and the mood so inspirational. I love tea so choosing this print specifically to feature was a no brainer but I really enjoy a lot of this artist’s prints!

Spoon Necklace
Their description of the item is just awesome… mounds of pudding! Yes! I find myself in need of a spoon on the go quite often and it looks nice too.

Felt Flower
The copper and turquoise colors are so stunning together aren’t they…. I’ m inspired by this a lot!

Lightning Bolt Necklace
Another necklace! I don’t even wear jewelry often. I would love to have this one in my collection though.

There are so many beautiful things on Etsy. I spend many hours a week browsing! Great entertainment.
I enjoy Regretsy too… oh boy! I want something of mine to get on there some day, but in a good way!

January is My Favorite

I really love the calm after the storm of the holiday season … the calm where you know there is more going on than you think.. when the scene of the new year is coming into focus, building into something bigger and better than it ever has been before..

I love snow too.

*** Update July 22, 2014 — Nope, January is not my favorite. I must have been suffering from cabin fever when I wrote this… 😉

Needle Felted Bunny Rabbit Figure Made With Cat Hair

Meet “Little Timmy Bunny” … for he is actually the little guy that got me into needle felting little characters in the first place!
Timmy Bunny
Timmy Bunny
Before my introduction into wool roving I started working with wool yarn – knitting it and using the washing machine to felt it. I’d make purses and then needle felt designs on the front. However, knitting is so boring that as soon as I discovered wool roving I stopped doing it and even misplaced my needles so I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to. Fast forward a year and I’ve constantly got needle felted projects going on! I truly love it.

Anyway, I made Timmy bunny using un-dyed wool batting for the inside and cat hair for the outside. A friend of mine loved her cat dearly and upon its natural death, she shaved its long hair to keep for sentimental purposes. Over the years she didn’t do anything with it and was cleaning out her closet so she gave it to me. I rarely turn down unique crafting materials. (Yes, I washed it, carefully, in a nylon pantyhose sock with mild soap – much like washing wool.)

Just yesterday the Etsy blog posted an article about crafting with cat hair. My little Timmy bunny is up on the article in the ‘related items’ section. Way cool! My favorite thing about the whole article is the comments people wrote on it… “I love my cat, but EWWW!” .. hehehe. Read it!:

And order one of your own little Tim my bunnies through my Etsy shop!