DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit – Second Fruiting!

Almost 1 month ago I received a DIY oyster mushroom growing kit! I successfully harvested a big clump of mushrooms off of it on March 25th. Be sure to check out all of my posts about it here! After that initial fruiting I took the mushroom cake out of the plastic bag it was originally in and re-soaked it in a tub of water overnight. Then I set it in a bowl and misted it a few times a day on all sides. It took longer for it to start fruiting this time vs. the first time I opened it and started the fruiting process.

Oyster Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms

It was exciting to have it open on all sides because it allowed it to fruit from anywhere on the cake! It sprouted up spots on almost every side! I hung it with some string for a couple days but it simply dried out too much so I moved it to a large bowl, sometimes allowing it to soak in some water. It dries out way too much when its out of the plastic bag. I think having it in a big plastic tub with a good amount of humidity would be the way to go. I have had a lot of fun experimenting though!

Oyster Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms - 2nd Growth

I’m going to soak it again and try for more mushrooms after this fruiting is complete. Hopefully she keeps on producing! Do you think I’ll get more?

~~~ Update: After this fruiting, the cake really felt like it was starting to decompose and I was actually a bit tired of misting the thing so many times a day, ever day, for weeks, to get what mushrooms I did. It was an amazing experience and I recommend it to anybody who is interested!

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit – Day 8 – Final

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 8

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 8

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 8

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 8

It was a success! Shortly after these photos I cut the mushrooms up and added them to stir fry. I saved a few and used them the next day on a homemade pizza. I ate a few raw, too, and.. wow! They pack a lot of flavor!

This was such an awesome project. Many thanks goes out to my friends who gifted me this kit! I love you guys! <3

Project: Mushrooms From A Box! Day 6 & 7

They are really starting to look like recognizable mushrooms now as you can see by the bottom (latest) photo. It is so very exciting! Even though I haven’t eaten any yet, I already recommend this kit to anyone who is interested.

OK, enough words, it’s photo time!
Tuesday March 20th ~ 1pm (day 6)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 6 @ 1pm

Tuesday March 20th ~ 4pm (day 6)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 6 @ 4pm

Tuesday March 20th ~ 8pm (day 6)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 6 @ 8pm

Wednesday March 21st ~ 1pm (day 7)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 7 @ 1pm

Wednesday March 21st ~ 11pm (day 7)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 7 @ 11pm

Project: Mushrooms From A Box! Day 5

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 5

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 5

See the white dots starting to pop up around the horizontal cut? That’s what the spot that sprouted up looked like last night! So fast, mushrooms.. so fast!
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 5

It’s time for daily photos from here on out.

Project: Mushrooms From A Box! Day 1

I’ve officially started my oyster mushroom kit! It’s from here if you’re really curious. Nowhere on that website or on the box does it say to soak the bag for 24 hours after cutting slits in the side but that’s exactly what the directions inside the box said. So I did that…. I cut a ~ 3×5 X in the bag and submerged it in cold tap water for a WHOLE DAY. *thumb twirls*

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - 24 Hour Soak

Since these photos, I drained the water and put the bag back into the box which I then just placed on the kitchen counter top. I can’t wait until I see some stuff growing and wonder if it’s good growth or bad growth. It all looks so interesting to me. When I feel the layer of white mycelium that has already grown inside the bag it feels kinda like salamander skin or something.

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - 24 Hour Soak

Would you touch it? o.O

Project: Mushrooms From A Box!

We’re all excited over here because today in the mail I received THIS from my amazing friends! It’s a DIY kit for growing edible oyster mushrooms at home.

DIY Oyster Mushrooms
DIY Oyster Mushrooms

I’ve wanted to try this since I first heard it was possible years ago. Tomorrow I will cut the box and start misting it to get them to start growing. Stay tuned for progress posts!