Needle Felted Kitty Cat Figure!

Meet Sammy. Sam. Samson. Sambert! He is a soft orange cream and white cat that spends his days charming one of my dearest friends. His BFF is a yarn ball, he is a fan of tuna fish, and he is scared of bubbles. He is an indoor cat with big dreams.
Jackie & Sammy     Sammy

Since Sammy is so gosh darn adorable and loved (and also getting up there in years) I requested a bunch of his hair. My friend brushed and brushed all winter long (he loves it) and saved up enough hair for me to make this needle felted kitty cat figure:
Needle Felted Cat Figure with Real Cat Hair and Wool

Needle Felted Cat Figure with Real Cat Hair and Wool

It is made of sheep wool for the inside/shape of the cat and then it is covered with real cat hair. The tail is all cat hair. The white detail on his chest is white wool since I didn’t have all white cat hair. It was created by a process called needle felting — small barbed needles are pushed into the wool countless times which essentially weave the fibers together.

Here it is before I added the white details to his chest:
Needle felt cat with real cat hair - in progress

Needle Felted Cat - Real Cat Hair and Wool
Believe it or not, this was my first needle felted cat! I’m sure he’ll be cherished for years by my friend. Oh, he is also Sammy approved!

Ferret Cutness Post

Recently I was hanging out with some friends and there was a show on TV about people showing ferrets. Y’know. Crazy ferret people with “I love ferrets” Tshirts and tattoos.. giving ferrets more personality and love than their own human children. hehehe. Needless to say we giggled about it and talked about ferrets for awhile. I had to divulge the fact that I had many ferrets (up to 6 at a time) for about 5 years. Now I started sounding a little crazy and it was a good thing I didn’t get that one tattoo…
I thought of this little story because of this adorable ferret photo I took of Oscar winter of 2011 in MN:
Oscar Ferret