Handmade Copper Metal Garden Art : Orchid Planter Pots

Copper Orchid Pots - Handmade

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Handmade Copper Orchid Planter Pot

A few years back (2007) I created an orchid planter pot out of copper tube, copper sheet and wire because I desired a beautiful and super functional new pot for one of my dendrobium orchids. It needed to drain fully between watering since orchids are epiphytes. I used the first planter pot that I created for a good 2 years. My orchid was very healthy and re-flowered during its time in the pot. I got many compliments from those who saw it. In all this time I still have not found any other orchid pots made like this either! This design is so unique! Since that first pot I have created many more of these one of a kind handmade orchid pots. I can make them in many sizes, with or without leaf details. Another really awesome thing about them is that you can pull them apart in places to make them taller or smoosh it down to make it shorter. The copper wire is wound around throughout the coils to help keep the substrate contained. They are designed to be used with a substrate like coconut husk and rocks.

Soldering Copper / The Making Of A Copper Orchid Pot

I really do love making these orchid pots, as well as all of the other copper sculpture that I do, because it’s so different from the other forms of art that I do.. I like variety! My brain really likes engineering and problem solving ways of achieving the desired end results. The tools I use are pretty simple – a torch with a flexible tube, mapp gas, copper to copper soldering sticks, pliers, heavy duty scissors, tube cutter, and rocks or bricks for heat protection.

Copper Orchid Planter Pot - Handmade

If you are interested in getting one of my handmade copper orchid planter pots for yourself or a friend… Check the copper metal sculpture section in Etsy shop for availability! Or email me – GingerHalverson at Gmail.