Luna Moth / Actias Luna

The luna moth is one of the largest moths in North America. I found one (injured, half of one wing ripped off) clinging to the side of my car tire yesterday evening. Exciting!
Luna Moth
Luna Moth

I vaguely remember seeing one in Minnesota when I was a kid but I sure didn’t get to take photos of it to remember it like I did this time! Its colors and shape are so inspirational. Maybe a luna moth inspired nuno felt scarf is in order… bright greens, yellows, white and rusty rose!
Luna Moth

It was so fun to hang on to it for a minute. When I was done taking photos and oo’ing at its colors I carefully left it on a tree not far from where I found it. Too bad its wing was torn. Good luck Luna!

Nuno Felted Vampire Bite Scarves – Two New

I made two new “bloody vampire bite scarves” recently. I LOVE making these scarves! These are the nuno felted version where I use soft merino wool roving in natural ecru (white / cream) and two shades of red as “blood” and white silk gauze fabric.

One of them has a lot of “blood” on both sides and bite marks going horizontal.
Vampire Bite Scarf
Vampire Bite Scarf     Vampire Bite Scarf
View the listing for the More Blood Vampire Bite Scarf on Etsy

The other has less “blood” and bite marks going vertical.
Vampire Bite Scarf
Vampire Bite Scarf     Vampire Bite Scarf
** This scarf was shipped to Sweden!

The reds are bright and the silk adds a lot of beauty to the scarves, causing certain areas to be semi-transparent. Both of them measure 90 inches total – 70 body, 20 fringe – and the width varies between 4-5 inches. Light, warm-yet-cool, and very soft, these scarves are a great accessory to utilize all year long. If you don’t want to show off your bite marks all the time you don’t have to. There are many ways to wear it that make it look like any abstract sort of red and white nuno felted one of a kind handmade scarf…

Vampire Bite Scarf

Be sure to check out the scarf section of my shop for all I have available and examples of what I can make. If nothing I currently have listed is exactly right, contact me to discuss a custom order. I would be thrilled to create something unique for you!

Container Gardening : Spring 2012

I grew up in the garden. Seriously! I think back and some of my first memories were of me standing in the garden among rows of peas on wire, smiling faces of sunflowers, and marigolds dutifully guarding the perimeter, watching my mom who was busy as a bee with the water hose.


Growing up, my family had not ONE garden… no… more like FOUR! We always practiced organic gardening, too… composting animal manure, kitchen scraps, leaves, and grass clippings.. and always picking all of those pesky weeds by hand! That was a big chore when I was a kid. Now I look forward to it because it’s a great excuse to be outside in the sunshine with my shoes off doing something productive! However, I don’t live where I grew up.. my brother and his family does! So I don’t have 4 gardens to tend to… I have to resort to some container gardening:

Watering The Plants
Container Garden

Which I really enjoy!
I’m also teaching my boyfriend a lot about gardening. We both tend the plants and I can’t wait for him to eat some of the first ripe tomatoes he’s ever really had a hand in growing himself right off of the plants in the back yard. Gardening is so satisfying! Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing I suggest trying anyways.

Check out this bush tomato plant already bearing fruit!

Flowers on another tomato plant:
Tomato Flower

I LOVE the smell of tomato plants. Whenever I am out watering them I rub against them, stick my nose right up against the plants and sniff.. and sniff my hands as a I walk away. Ha! It’s such a unique, fresh scent that comforts me.

This pepper is almost big enough to eat too! Oh my gosh, it’s only mid-May!
Hot Pepper

I’m totally in love with succulent plants too.. here is one of my baby jade plants! I also have a hobbit jade and at least 6 other kinds of succulent plants to share with you in a future post! I used to have jade “trees” and think they make the coolest bonsai trees when they’re really trimmed right and get super old.


Cheers to spring and a glorious summer! 🙂

Rescued Mr. Tree Frog

This little tree frog was hanging out in the basement so I scooped him up, photo’d him and let him go back outside. He was so cute to have around for a few minutes. Photo post!

Tree Frog

Tree Frog

Tree Frog - Rescued!

Art Boutique – Brooten Minnesota

The “Made From Scratch” art boutique located out near Brooten, Minnesota (MN) is opening June 2nd and 3rd, 2012 for the third year! It is a one room cabin that my father built by hand and features some of my art, along with art from my aunt Charlene Paulson, as well as handmade art from other family members and a dear family friend! We’re a talented bunch if I don’t say so myself 🙂

This is the poster I created for the June 2012 boutique opening!

Boutique Poster for June 2012

I’m very busy getting ready for this! It’s exciting.