A Visitor From The Outdoors

I found this moth inside today! He was clinging to the lace curtains next to the window above the kitchen sink.This is the 3rd one I have seen so far this spring.
Don’t you just love his big, hairy antennae? After some quick research (I looked up hairy antennae moth, lol) I found out this is a male Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus)! Apparently females have much smaller antennae.
Carefully cupped in my hands, I carried him outside. I was lucky enough to capture such a nice photo of him in my hand before he picked up his big, dusty wings and fluttered off into the trees in the back yard.
Flying Moth
“Come back and visit anytime”, I said. I love visitors from the outdoors!

Project: Mushrooms From A Box! Day 6 & 7

They are really starting to look like recognizable mushrooms now as you can see by the bottom (latest) photo. It is so very exciting! Even though I haven’t eaten any yet, I already recommend this kit to anyone who is interested.

OK, enough words, it’s photo time!
Tuesday March 20th ~ 1pm (day 6)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 6 @ 1pm

Tuesday March 20th ~ 4pm (day 6)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 6 @ 4pm

Tuesday March 20th ~ 8pm (day 6)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 6 @ 8pm

Wednesday March 21st ~ 1pm (day 7)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 7 @ 1pm

Wednesday March 21st ~ 11pm (day 7)
DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - Day 7 @ 11pm

Ook the Needle Felted Snowy Owl

I designed a new needle felted owl…. a snowy owl!
Or rather.. “inspired by a snowy owl”. He’s not bright white but more of a light grey, his beak and feet are gold instead of black… and he has ears and “hair”. But WHATEVER. He’s adorable!

Needle Felted "Snowy Owl"

Kind of like Hedwig from Harry Potter! If you’re into that kinda thing, check out this site that I was reading that tells all about Hedwig. It says that one snowy owl, “Gizmo”, played all the main parts but that he had two other snowy owl stunt doubles.. “Ook” and “Sprout”. The name Ook is way too cute and perfect so I’m borrowing it for this owl! I always name the original design.

Needle Felted "Snowy Owl"
Needle Felted "Snowy Owl"

I wish he would fly a valentine card to my friend in MN for me. One can dream!

Wedding Photography

Let it be known! I enjoy wedding (or any event!) photography. I was the solo wedding photographer for my good friends, the Edwards, in 2009. I attended the rehearsal, ceremony and reception. It was a blast and I got a lot of great photos that they will cherish forever…

Wedding Preview

I’ve done video and photos of another wedding a couple years back too.
Editing is something I really enjoy after the shooting of the event. I am great with color correction, blemish/imperfection removal, effects….!

Incense Cones and Sticks Photo Shoot

One thing I know to be true is that on Etsy (and anywhere else online) you must have product photos that dazzle the eyes and make people want to add them to their favorites and treasuries. I already have some nice incense cone photos that I took over a year+ up in my shop but I recently got some incense STICKS to soak and sell so I needed photos of them. I’ve learned that when in the mood — shoot, shoot, shoot! Shoot I did… I am very happy with my results. Here are a few… but check out my Etsy shop – Virtualdistortion – to see them in action!

Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks

Incense Cones

Incense Cones

Incense Cones

Now for a couple out-takes so you can see the set in an interesting way!…
Incense Out-Take

Incense Out-Take