Decorative Tape // Washi Tape

I am totally loving this stuff and I am one picky, thrifty gal…
Two awesome black and white designs are mine.. check them out:
Decorative Tape! and Felt Flowers in The Works

The zig-zag one is Chinese and the diagonal grey one is Japanese. They are paper tapes that can be torn by hand. I like to cut them with my scissors at different angles/sizes and use them for ALL sorts of things but mainly for packaging up products very nicely or taping notes to my note board. In the future I might try some colored versions — as there are MANY! — but for now I’m very happy with these two designs that go great with every color of tissue paper or note card possible.
You know, I’m not affiliated in any way but this is the company I have ordered from happily : Pretty Tape.

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