Postcards I sent for DIY Postcard Swap

Have I said before that mail is very entertaining I’ve been having fun on Flickr too because of the 10 postcard swap I completed this past week. I posted my entries in the group photo pool and found some other very interesting folks because of it. Here are the ones I sent out for the swap.
The photos on the cards are MY photography. ^_^

Post Cards

Post Cards Post Cards Post Cards

The drawing of the berries was cut out of a book about fairies.

Post Cards Post Cards

I wish I could show off the backs! I made them with pretty paper and filled them all out with different colored markers. I took one photo of the back of the orchid card. I filled the other ones out too fast… I was excited once I got my list of addresses to send them to.

Post Cards Post Cards

Post Cards

Post Cards Post Cards

I also have been practicing painting on post cards with acrylic paint. These are bloodroot flowers:

Post Cards

Daisy flowers!  I sent this one to my best friend Jackie. She got ME for the swap!  so I sent her back… she is my #11!  (But really my #1 penpal.  She is also to thank for getting me into this wonderful hobby. *Hugs!*)
Post Cards

I really look forward to getting to my mailbox each time I go (it’s a small hike) either because I’m sending or receiving interesting mail. I don’t have any paper bills that show up to get me down and I really enjoy starting fires with the (seemingly) mandatory local advertisement paper that shows up once a week.

I sent out 2 cards using too…

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  1. Wow, you take amazing photos and your photography really makes beautiful postcards. Thanks for joining the swap and sharing your creativity with all of us! 🙂
    Love that you put patterned paper on the back too, awesome!

  2. The framing around the photos is actually recycled encyclopedia pages from the hollow books I make! I have fun gifting packs of the pages to friends too.
    Thank you for the compliments!

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