Etsy Feedback Makes Me Happy!

Hands down, the best part of selling my arts on Etsy is the feedback from my customers. I get excited every step of the way with my business but it really deeply touches me to hear things like this..
“Very lovely product! Will be back for sure!!”

“I ordered this yesterday and got it today. You are AMAZING. The piece is incredibly beautiful in person. Thank you so much, I would definitely love to buy from you again! :)”

And the very best so far..
“The Etsy order package you sent me was so full of personality that opening it and carefully absorbing everything in it felt like a big long hug with that extra squeeze at the end. The awesomeness you put into that stuff just radiates care. I put the little personal bags of incense out not just to enjoy the smell as it slowly releases but because they are little smiles sitting around. I can’t look at any single tiny piece of what you sent without seeing a smile.”

WOW. Very worth it. Thank you so much to everyone who supports what I love to do. I would do this even if I had a million dollars!

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