Soap Gone Rancid

Sometimes things go wrong… terribly wrong! All I can do is laugh a little, whine about it a little, learn a lot and maybe have somethin’ to blog about. Hopefully though I will not end up with a whole category titled “Soap Gone Rancid”. This is my first big experience with my soap getting messed up and, of course, it was the largest amount I had dared to make and mix together at once so far.

Shredded Soap ~ Batch Gone Rancid

What I learned is that I will never mix different batches of soap together again. As you can see, the soap shreds (which happened by hand, whew!) are two different colors because it is two different batches of cold process soap that I mixed up, cured and then shredded together. I’m thinking that one of the bottles of vegetable oil that I used was far from its peak of freshness.

Shredded Soap ~ Batch Gone Rancid

My intention with the shreds was to re-melt them down when I wanted to make small batches of soap with other various additives like essential oil or oatmeal. I still intend to make some wonderful soaps for this season and won’t let this 6.5 pound box of “failure” keep me down. It can still be used for clothes washing… perhaps I’ll make a local thrifty person happy and give it away!

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