Not A Regular Mail Day

I received a letter today, see?
A Letter I Received...

I love mail – that’s no secret. I usually enjoy getting just about anything. Even junk mail is fun to look at (sometimes) for a moment. When this one arrived though, it made me completely stop what I was doing and really live inside a moment of pure awe and amusement. I still don’t think I’m quite over it, nor will I ever be.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, there is something different about this letter I received today. Perhaps you noticed that the background of the photo is different – It’s not a table, a book, another stack of mail. Nope! You’re looking at the details of my hand… because this letter I received is TINY!

World's Smallest Letter

Super duper, duper, duper TINY. It even came with a magnifying glass! (I have really good up-close vision though, so I found that it was actually easier to read the letter without the magnifier.) My BFF Jackie sent it to me. She wrote up the cutest little tiny-letter-appropriate story for it too. I don’t really want to type out the whole thing because it’s my special piece of mail, sharing it all would make it somehow a little less special, but here are few excerpts:

“…I made the mistake of stepping inside a fairy ring and found myself instantly shrunk down to fairy size…”

“Yesterday I went sledding on an acorn cap while David was fencing with pine needles. Afterward, we had a snowball fight with snowflakes.”

Pending the unfortunate possibility of losing such a tiny piece of mail, I plan on cherishing this letter forever. I just love it.
(Thank you Jackie!)

PS – I did some research and found that it came from this shop. (Neither my friend or myself are in any way affiliated, I’m just being nice and sharing the link in case anyone is interested in sending out something this cute to one of their friends)