A Visitor From The Outdoors

I found this moth inside today! He was clinging to the lace curtains next to the window above the kitchen sink.This is the 3rd one I have seen so far this spring.
Don’t you just love his big, hairy antennae? After some quick research (I looked up hairy antennae moth, lol) I found out this is a male Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus)! Apparently females have much smaller antennae.
Carefully cupped in my hands, I carried him outside. I was lucky enough to capture such a nice photo of him in my hand before he picked up his big, dusty wings and fluttered off into the trees in the back yard.
Flying Moth
“Come back and visit anytime”, I said. I love visitors from the outdoors!

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  1. So lovely! I think I may have seen one of these once, many years ago. It was spread out right under the room-number plate on the door of a quaint little inn that I stayed at. At first, I thought it was decoration, but then it moved! I get so giddy from things like that!

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