My Favorite Vintage Find of 2011

Vintage Cannon Royal Family Floral Sheet Set!
Vintage Cannon Royal Family Floral Sheet
I’m so in love with this sheet set that I got at a garage sale during the summer of 2011 while I was in Minnesota. It was a full standard sized set – fitted sheet, top sheet and 2 standard pillow cases in PERFECT condition. I can’t use the sheets right now but I use the two pillow cases on my feather pillows (which I also found at an estate sale during summer 2011, 2nd best find of the year!) all the time! I feel comforted every time I get in bed and see this print. When my aunt saw them she said, “I think my dad, your grandpa, had the exact same set.”! What could top loving the print, loving the feel of the fabric, and the possible family connection?? I paid a dollar for all! *fist pump*

I messed with the colors a bit and put this as my desktop background for the time being. You could too if you felt inclined..
Vintage Cannon Royal Family Floral Sheet

Next time you pass that GARAGE SALE sign on the side of the road during the summertime, just think of all of the wonderful items you could be missing out on that aren’t even available anywhere in stores. I can’t find this exact Cannon sheet set anywhere for sale online right now either!

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  1. I found the queen size bed spread to this set at a good will in Portland, Or. Then 2 twin sheets in the same pattern at a swap meet in Tijuana, Mexico, then 3 hand towels and 3 washcloths on etsy and lastly 2 pillow shams on eBay! All I need now is the queen sheets. I had the twin sheets turned into curtains!

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