Art Advertising on Etsy – September 2011

I wrote this up and posted it on the forum of an Etsy team that I just joined called Indie Designers. I like it so I decided to cross-post it here to my own blog.

Hello! 😉 My name is Ginger and I make LOTS of different kinds of art… I can never really stick to just one medium or I would get burnt out on it. Whenever I sell at local art shows I see that each person likes something different so a variety really is the way to go! I have all of what I make in my one etsy shop. Here are some of the different kinds of things I love to make…

*Wool Sculptures* Something I got into just a year ago and really enjoy. I do the best with free-form art .. I get the material in my hands and it just magically transforms into something by the end!
Snowman & Alexander the Owl

*Photography* A long time passion of mine. I’ve got lots of print-worthy photos, only some listed on Etsy so far. I shoot all of my own product photography and have done it for other people and companies too. I’ve done portrait sessions with families and even a couple weddings. I have a Canon DSLR camera that goes with me everywhere.
Butterfly Print & Sunflower Print

*Hand-cut Vintage Hollow Books* Everyone has a different idea of what should be kept in a hollow book! I love making them — especially hunting out cool, vintage hard cover books at thrift/antique stores and garage sales and doing the finishing touches of adding decorative paper and paint.
Vintage Secret Stash Box Hollow Book – Orchestration & Vintage Secret Stash Box Hollow Book – Pet Sematary by Stephen King

*Copper sculptures* My brother got me started in the shop working with a mapp gas torch back in 2003. My favorite thing to make are roses! I do make other kinds of incense burners, fishermen decorations, orchid pots, flower pot decorations like butterflies, dragonflies, mayflies.. etc.
Copper Metal Rose Sculpture & Copper Metal Rose Bud Incense Cone Holder

*Fresh Incense* Aromatherapy is a wonderful thing. I have some repeat customers that swear by my scents and that makes me very happy. I get to burn it in my studio all the time too. I’m low on supplies for now but will be re-doing my incense line this fall/winter.
Sap & Moss Incense Sticks

*Cold Process Soap* My aunt who is also a multi-medium artist taught me how to make homemade soap this winter! I will forever keep making it because the thought of going back to store-bought soap is terrifying!
Oatmeal, Bees Wax & Orange Soap & Blackberry Sage Soap

I make the ONLY “vampire bite” wool scarves on Etsy! (So far.. I guess..) Which I am going to be making a lot more of because people really seem to like them. I make other scarves out of wool and sometimes silk, too.
Vampire Bite Handmade Wool Scarf

Thank you so much for inviting me to this team and taking the time to look over my creations. I really love Etsy and all of the wonderful fellow artists and art lovers that I have come in contact with!
XOXO – Ginger //

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