Calculated Miles So Far

I have not done the 7 mile loop yet. Two days before my goal to do so (the 10th) I strained my ankle! I could barely walk around the studio so I took it easy for about 4 days. Of course taking that much time off from walking/jogging and being busy with work stuff didn’t make it easy to get back into the swing of it.
However, now that my ankle is 100% and the weather is so nice I have been hitting the trail really hard. Just in the past 3 days I have gone 11 miles. Tonight I did a little over 2.5 miles in about 25 minutes.
I’m starting to care less about the idea of doing the 7 mile loop……. it’s gravel and not pavement like my usual path and sometimes my feet are pretty worn out by the end of 4.2 miles… Hmph!

I calculated my miles so far this month and the grand total is 20!

It’s less than I was hoping for but hey, my goal isn’t to be hard on myself, it’s to feel GREAT …and I do 😉

In other news, I keep busy! Today I made wheat/flax tortillas from scratch for the first time that turned out quite delicious. Also a fresh sweet corn & beans mixture to put in the tortillas with spinach, tomatoes and taco sauce. Mmm. Once that was done the kitchen required quite a cleaning so I dug into that. I have also been making more wet felted (“nuno felted”) scarves to offer for sale at an art show that I’m participating in @ Buffalo, Minnesota this weekend of August 20th and to go into my Etsy store. I also make time to journal, read and watch movies that I enjoy. I’ ve been researching and pursuing a few more non-art work opportunities. OH, I visited with my friends and family this past weekend too…! I feel like I really get around. I’m making the most of the end of this summer and really look forward to the fall. I can’t wait to rake leaves and go jogging with a hoodie on! I feel so “weird” and unique. I’m so happy. I know a big key to that is my desire TO be happy and work hard for it. I really look forward to the future. It’s all in my hands and it’s big and bright…

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