Exercise: Getting Into The Routine ….

Last fall I was doing some jogging during the evening hours at my property, round and round the driveway that has a hill. How wonderful that felt! Too bad I live in Minnesota for the fact that fall abruptly turns to winter and I’m not so in love with jogging in my snow boots. During the winter I bundled up and went on walks, shoveled snow to music and hauled my snowboard up and down the hills a handful of times… but overall I haven’t been making myself follow an exercise pattern since fall. So far this spring & summer I’ve ridden my horse 5-6 times, gone swimming 2-3 times (nothing strenuous though), biked about 10 miles total (woopdee!) and sporadically gone out walking and jogging up the hills at the conservation land across the road. I do not like being so out of shape!

So on Sunday (July 3) I told myself I was going to get back into the routine of exercising. That day turned to night in a blink of an eye and I didn’t get out there and go. That made me kind of mad at myself. I held on to that anger and pent up energy and used it the next day when I DID get out to walk and jog for FIFTY FIVE MINUTES!
Then the next day I got out there again for 35 minutes!
And this evening I went for another 35 minutes!

My muscles are a little bit sore which is a constant reminder of my progress. I love it! I have been sleeping really well each night since I started and I have less of an appetite (however that works!) so I’m on the road to being more healthy on the inside and out. I’m going to keep it up. Maybe next week I can do the 7 mile loop that is near my home. =)

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