“Bacon” Scarf Handmade out of 100% Soft Wool

New scarf product line in my shop. These scarves are very fun to make and are super duper soft. Meant to look like bacon! But hey, if somebody sees it and doesn’t “get it” they’ll just think you’re wearing a pretty brown/pink/peach/white scarf 😉 They don’t even have to “get it”. Those who do are sure to get a kick out of it!

Bacon Scarf 100% Wool

Available HERE!

Felted Scarves in Full Swing

Recently I’ ve been busy making wet and nuno felted scarves out of silk and wool.
Working on Felted Wool Flowers
Creating an Owl Scarf

Experimenting with dye on silk has yielded some good results. Except for one – I found out that using any bleach on the silk pretty much eats it away quickly and turns it yellow. Oops!

Felted Scarves

The way the brown and gold scarf turned out really made me happy, as well as the purple one. Yes they are as fun to touch as they look – they are very soft. I started adding felted flower accents and think it makes them stunning. Check them out!

Nuno Felted Scarf - Brown and Gold Nuno Felted Scarf - Purples
FElted Scarves Nuno Felted Scarf - Brown with accents

Nuno Felted Scarf - Brown with accents9

I made these two scarves to order last week. My Vampire Bite Scarf and my Woodsy Owl Scarf. Awesome as usual if I don’t say so myself.

Vampire Bite Scarf - Wool - Wet Felted Felted Owl Scarf

Many more to go…