First Octopus Sculpture

Octopus SculptureSince around 2003 I have been tinkering with copper sculpture. My brother introduced me to it and neither one of us has set it down since we started. I must say that, while I know my work is pretty cool, my brother’s is amazing. He is my biggest inspiration!

Ready for a challenge, I set out to create something outside of my comfort zone during the summer of 2013. So I thought, what about fluid-looking legs? That would be something. So this octopus crawled out of my imagination once I poked at it with a stick. I remember sitting on the lawn in the shade, cutting and twisting up wire and thin sheet copper next to the garden during the day. To form the head of the octopus I wrapped sheet copper around an apple that fell off the tree. Never underestimate the objects around you when creating art, I sure don’t! I was able to destroy the apple to get it out, then I pounded the hollow sphere into a more octopus-head-like shape and punctured it to create eyes. In the evening I took it inside the shop and soldered it together.

These are some copper supplies that I commonly work with… hollow copper tube, thin sheet copper and a thicker sheet copper, and various gagues of copper wire.

The octopus was made completely out of copper wire and the thin version of sheet copper that I have. It’s so thin that I need to solder it carefully because if I apply too much heat for too long it will burn through. The following photo was taken while I was making another copper product I love to create – copper orchid pots – and not the octopus.

Soldering Copper

It’s on my list to take more photos and video while I work on copper creations in the future. You bet that another octopus is on the list.

Oak Leaf Handmade Out Of Copper

Copper Oak Leaf Incense Cone Burner Decoration
Copper Oak Leaf Incense Cone Burner Decoration     Copper Oak Leaf Incense Cone Burner Decoration

This sculpture of an oak leaf is designed to be decorative as-is or used as an incense cone burner. I made it by hand by cutting an oak leaf shape out of sheet copper, carefully bending the leaf a bit and then I soldered on a wire stem. Each time I make one they get a little better. I am looking forward to making more!


Do you believe in it? I sure do.

At night I love to smell crushed lavender buds. It instantly relaxes me. Perhaps I have sort of trained myself to clam down and sleep once I smell that scent. FOOD is a common favorite too.

Other than that I make and burn a lot of charcoal incense cones. I make small batches about once a month so they are very fresh and ready to ship! I have these scents in stock at this time: Blackberry Sage, Patchouli, Indian Sandalwood, Delicious, Tibetian Amber, Sandalwood.

6 Blackberry and Sage / 6 Indian Sandalwood – Incense Cones

12 Patchouli Incense Cones

The cones burn very well in/on my copper burners:
Abstract Handmade Copper Incense Cone Burner
Rose Leaf Handmade Copper Incense Cone Burner
and of course you can custom order one of these… It is a handmade copper ROSE incense cone burner. The inside lifts out and the cone is lit and set in side and then you replace the inside bud and watch the scented smoke billow out into your environment. It looks cool while in use or while it’s just sitting around.
Copper Rose Incense Burner - Product Photo
Copper Rose Incense Cone Burner by Virtualdistortion on Etsy

I think I’ll go light a blackberry sage cone right now. (;