Meeting Ron and Raven of Minnesota Bound

Ron, Raven and I

Raven and I Ron, Raven and I

I grew up watching the show Minnesota Bound with Ron Schara and Raven the black lab dog. It’s a great show about many different outdoor places and characters in Minnesota. I was at the Minneapolis Convention Center for their Home and Garden show at the end of February and saw Ron and Raven walk by! I got excited and stopped what I was doing to follow them. I’m so glad I did because I found them stopping at a booth to sign yard sticks. I jumped in line right quick! I got to pet Raven a bit, up close and personal. She licked me!
Dog Kisses

Ron signed a stick for me and also one for my bff.
Ron and Raven Signed Yard Sticks
Meeting Ron and Raven was the highlight of my day! I got to spend some time with my family too 🙂

Now it’s time to watch a couple episodes of Minnesota Bound

Not A Regular Mail Day

I received a letter today, see?
A Letter I Received...

I love mail – that’s no secret. I usually enjoy getting just about anything. Even junk mail is fun to look at (sometimes) for a moment. When this one arrived though, it made me completely stop what I was doing and really live inside a moment of pure awe and amusement. I still don’t think I’m quite over it, nor will I ever be.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, there is something different about this letter I received today. Perhaps you noticed that the background of the photo is different – It’s not a table, a book, another stack of mail. Nope! You’re looking at the details of my hand… because this letter I received is TINY!

World's Smallest Letter

Super duper, duper, duper TINY. It even came with a magnifying glass! (I have really good up-close vision though, so I found that it was actually easier to read the letter without the magnifier.) My BFF Jackie sent it to me. She wrote up the cutest little tiny-letter-appropriate story for it too. I don’t really want to type out the whole thing because it’s my special piece of mail, sharing it all would make it somehow a little less special, but here are few excerpts:

“…I made the mistake of stepping inside a fairy ring and found myself instantly shrunk down to fairy size…”

“Yesterday I went sledding on an acorn cap while David was fencing with pine needles. Afterward, we had a snowball fight with snowflakes.”

Pending the unfortunate possibility of losing such a tiny piece of mail, I plan on cherishing this letter forever. I just love it.
(Thank you Jackie!)

PS – I did some research and found that it came from this shop. (Neither my friend or myself are in any way affiliated, I’m just being nice and sharing the link in case anyone is interested in sending out something this cute to one of their friends)

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

I’m in Minnesota and it’s been a very, very cold winter. One thing I like to do at this point (end of January, the thick of it!) is look at some photos from spring/summer and remember what it’s like to feel really warm while standing outside. I offer you a little ray of sunshine…


A Little Bit Of Sunshine

A few days ago I purchased some new house plants, pots and dirt too. That helps the winter blues! I’m also trying to make as much new art-stuff as possible so that when the weather does warm up I’m more able to be out in it.

Awesome Recent Etsy Finds #5

I’ll start off with some BIG items!

First off is this wood slab table. I want to make a table sort of like this some day. (Note: My dad made the tables I grew up eating on! My brother still uses them, dents from years ago and all)
wolf tshirt

This couch makes quite a statement, doesn’t it? The purple and the details… lovely!

Now some smaller items..

This shop really figured out how to make some awesome journals. This one is so detailed.

Watercolor world map in cool colors. WANT!

Needle felted luna moth! She did a great job.

Amethyst crystal soap has been interesting to me for a long time. I would love to try and make some but it looks complicated!

Needle Felting Update (3+ Years!)

Needle felting is something I have enjoyed since I first picked it up well over 3 years ago. Over this time I have made many things! One of the first things I ever made was a rabbit with real cat hair on the outside, followed by owls. I am continuing to make owls, snowmen, woolly worms, bees, mushrooms, custom cats, mice and more. It is a goal of mine to make more new needle felted characters this year. This last year I did some really neat projects so I feel the need to keep the ball rolling. I want to share with you a couple of the new snowmen I felted this month, as well as some of my all-time favorites. (New owls at the top of the post!)

Snowmen – January 2014
Needle Felt Snowman
Needle Felt Snowman
Needle Felt Snowman

Custom creation – July 2013
Custom Needle Felted Character

Woolly Worms – Spring 2013
Needle Felted Woolly Worms

Mushroom Cluster – Spring 2012 * Favorite
Needle Felted Red Amanita Mushroom Cluster

Sammy Cat with Real Cat Hair – June 2012 * Favorite
Needle Felted Cat Figure with Real Cat Hair and Wool

Owls – December 2012 * Favorite
Needle Felt Owls

I do have a walrus started 😉

Oak Leaf Handmade Out Of Copper

Copper Oak Leaf Incense Cone Burner Decoration
Copper Oak Leaf Incense Cone Burner Decoration     Copper Oak Leaf Incense Cone Burner Decoration

This sculpture of an oak leaf is designed to be decorative as-is or used as an incense cone burner. I made it by hand by cutting an oak leaf shape out of sheet copper, carefully bending the leaf a bit and then I soldered on a wire stem. Each time I make one they get a little better. I am looking forward to making more!

Appreciating The Little Things

I was walkin’ along at a good pace out on some Missouri conservation department trails and, out of the corner of my eye, who did I see? This guy! A snail! Perhaps a brown garden snail? I have seen more slugs on land than snails in my time so I considered spotting this guy a real treat. We are both lucky that he did not meet the bottom of my shoe.

Later on, down the path, I discovered a turtle. A thought entered my mind… to go get the snail and put it on top of the turtle for a photo (“Weee!”)… but I figured that the snail had somewhere to be and the turtle looked like he was hungry…. so I let them be.

I love getting out for spring time nature walks and appreciating the little things.

Alice in Wonderland Hollow Book

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Hollow Book   Vintage Alice in Wonderland Hollow Book

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Hollow Book

This blue vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has been transformed into a hollow book box – a superior stash spot for things important enough to keep tucked away. If I could keep it myself, I would, but it’s my job to pass all of these awesome things on. I dearly love Alice in Wonderland. Did you know that it’s available to read for free online? This time around I added textured, decorative paper to the bottom of the stash spot that really accents the vintage blue cover of the book. It’s really been around, but hopefully soon it will find a new home with someone who will enjoy it as a box for a long time. View the listing for this in my Etsy shop.

Handmade Copper Metal Garden Art : Orchid Planter Pots

Copper Orchid Pots - Handmade

Art Product Photos - Copper Orchid Pot     Indoor plants

Handmade Copper Orchid Planter Pot

A few years back (2007) I created an orchid planter pot out of copper tube, copper sheet and wire because I desired a beautiful and super functional new pot for one of my dendrobium orchids. It needed to drain fully between watering since orchids are epiphytes. I used the first planter pot that I created for a good 2 years. My orchid was very healthy and re-flowered during its time in the pot. I got many compliments from those who saw it. In all this time I still have not found any other orchid pots made like this either! This design is so unique! Since that first pot I have created many more of these one of a kind handmade orchid pots. I can make them in many sizes, with or without leaf details. Another really awesome thing about them is that you can pull them apart in places to make them taller or smoosh it down to make it shorter. The copper wire is wound around throughout the coils to help keep the substrate contained. They are designed to be used with a substrate like coconut husk and rocks.

Soldering Copper / The Making Of A Copper Orchid Pot

I really do love making these orchid pots, as well as all of the other copper sculpture that I do, because it’s so different from the other forms of art that I do.. I like variety! My brain really likes engineering and problem solving ways of achieving the desired end results. The tools I use are pretty simple – a torch with a flexible tube, mapp gas, copper to copper soldering sticks, pliers, heavy duty scissors, tube cutter, and rocks or bricks for heat protection.

Copper Orchid Planter Pot - Handmade

If you are interested in getting one of my handmade copper orchid planter pots for yourself or a friend… Check the copper metal sculpture section in Etsy shop for availability! Or email me – GingerHalverson at Gmail.

An Even Ten

Hollow Books
Custom order of 10 hollow book boxes for groomsmen!

Here is the awesome feedback I received about this set from the customer:

We are using these books as groomsmen gifts and know they will add the unique touch we were looking for. She really made an effort to seek out each book to connect with each of their personalities/interests. The books are beautifully crafted and overall a great idea. Her communication throughout the process was much appreciated–overall a great experience and purchase! 🙂

To see more information about my book sets check out this section of my Etsy shop.