Airborne Awesomeness

Airborne Awesomeness

I made this awesome snowboarder silhouette graphic awhile ago. I found it today and still think it’s impressive. All original; I took the photos of the trees, sky and snowboarder. I went snowboarding all day Thursday so it’s on my mind. I love snowboarding!

Recipe: Krispie Puppies

Krispie Puppies

Rice Krispies and Puppy Chow combined!

Puppy Chow
1/4 cup melted butter
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 bag chocolate chips
* Melt together then mix with
~8 cups Chex or Crispix cereal
Place in 2 gallon sized plastic zipper bags and add
1.5 cups of powdered sugar
Toss to coat! Chill in the ‘fridge.

Then prepare…

Rice Krispie Bars
1/4 cup melted butter
2 bags marshmallows
1 tsp vanilla extract
Melt together in large pan over medium/low heat. Then mix in:
6 cups rice krispies cereal
1/2 batch of puppy chow

Spread into greased or parchment paper lined pan with buttered fingers.
Chill and ENJOY!

Hello world!

I think I’ d really like my old database back! I Blogged for 4 years and then… b’Zap! gone….