Project: Mushrooms From A Box! Day 1

I’ve officially started my oyster mushroom kit! It’s from here if you’re really curious. Nowhere on that website or on the box does it say to soak the bag for 24 hours after cutting slits in the side but that’s exactly what the directions inside the box said. So I did that…. I cut a ~ 3×5 X in the bag and submerged it in cold tap water for a WHOLE DAY. *thumb twirls*

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - 24 Hour Soak

Since these photos, I drained the water and put the bag back into the box which I then just placed on the kitchen counter top. I can’t wait until I see some stuff growing and wonder if it’s good growth or bad growth. It all looks so interesting to me. When I feel the layer of white mycelium that has already grown inside the bag it feels kinda like salamander skin or something.

DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit - 24 Hour Soak

Would you touch it? o.O

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  1. Since you said that I *thought* about licking it when I was misting it with water this morning… ha ha.. but I will hold back until it fruits!

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