Do you believe in it? I sure do.

At night I love to smell crushed lavender buds. It instantly relaxes me. Perhaps I have sort of trained myself to clam down and sleep once I smell that scent. FOOD is a common favorite too.

Other than that I make and burn a lot of charcoal incense cones. I make small batches about once a month so they are very fresh and ready to ship! I have these scents in stock at this time: Blackberry Sage, Patchouli, Indian Sandalwood, Delicious, Tibetian Amber, Sandalwood.

6 Blackberry and Sage / 6 Indian Sandalwood – Incense Cones

12 Patchouli Incense Cones

The cones burn very well in/on my copper burners:
Abstract Handmade Copper Incense Cone Burner
Rose Leaf Handmade Copper Incense Cone Burner
and of course you can custom order one of these… It is a handmade copper ROSE incense cone burner. The inside lifts out and the cone is lit and set in side and then you replace the inside bud and watch the scented smoke billow out into your environment. It looks cool while in use or while it’s just sitting around.
Copper Rose Incense Burner - Product Photo
Copper Rose Incense Cone Burner by Virtualdistortion on Etsy

I think I’ll go light a blackberry sage cone right now. (;

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