Successfully Convert .aa3 to .mp3 (in Ubuntu)

A friend had some audio files on a flash drive in .aa3 format, which is a Sony “ATRAC Audio File”. He wanted them to play in his Sony car stereo and it says on there that it’s supposed to play the format but it really doesn’t. So he wanted them in a more universal format in order to listen to them in the car. I run Ubuntu Linux and said “I can do it!” since he was having a lot of trouble figuring out a program that would do it in Windows.

After a bit of internet scouring on the topic and trying a few different converters I found a combo of programs that worked for me.

1. Open up your Ubunutu software center. Search for “soundconverter” and install it. Next, search for “XCFA” (X Convert File Audio) and install it.

2. Run XCFA. Import the .aa3 files (or any other format you want to convert) into the program. I selected and dragged my files into the main window. It then analyzes the files and lists them with what options you have for conversion. I selected all of them under the WAV category, chose my destination folder and then click on “apply the changes” and waited for them to convert. You are done with XCFA.

3. Run Sound Converter. Import the .wav files you just created. I selected and dragged my files into the main window. Go up to Edit >Preferences and change the output format to whatever format you want — .mp3 in my case. Hit convert and wait for the magic to happen.

That’s how you can easily convert .aa3 sony file format files to .mp3.
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